CCJP Impressed with Cabinet performance

Written by  Sam Phiri

Catholic Commission for justice and Peace (CCJP) has said it is impressed with the way cabinet has perfomed in the past eight months.

Chisoni: Thumbs up to cabinet Chisoni: Thumbs up to cabinet

The comments come just after a week since state president Peter Mutharika reshuffled some of the key ministries within his 20 member cabinet.


According to CCJP`s National Coordinator Chris Chisoni, Mutharika`s cabinet has managed to perform beyond expectation.


“We are happy as CCJP with its performance, there seem to be more work on the ground now which shows commitment and the fact that we were told that by having a 20 member cabinet we will save 1 billion per year, all we can say is so far so good,” said Chisoni.


He, however, tipped government to focus on the recovery plan of the disaster by in other way reducing the impact that comes with these natural disasters.


Chisoni hailed the recent cabinet reshuffle saying the president is at liberty to change heads of ministries for the best results possible.


The minor cabinet change saw Atupele Muluzi heading Internal Security ministry which was previously led by Paul chibingu who is now Lands,Housing and Urban planning developemnt minister, a position held by Bright Nsaka sc who is now heading the ministry of mining,energy and enviroment.

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