'PR study should be a separate course'

Written by  Alex Mwangosi

Following the high demand for Public Relations Officers, some quarters have expressed the need for Malawi to have a college that offers a fully fledged course on Public Relations-PR in the country.



Public  Relations  Officer  for  Northern  Region  Water  Board  Edward  Nyirenda  was  speaking  at the Malawi  Institute  of  Journalism-MIJ Mzuzu  Campus  where  he  made  a  Lecture  on  Public  Relations to  students.


Nyirenda, who has journalism background said the college would assist in meeting the growing demand for PR Officers in the country.











 “In  the  past PROs  were  not  on  demand  but  this  time  every organization  including government ministries  and other    governmental  institutions like  police  all  need  PROs  to  build  image.


 Therefore  Malawi  needs  to  have  a  college that graduate  students  in  Public  Relations  to  meet the  countries  demand,”  said  Edward Nyirenda.


Nyirenda  added  that in other  countries PR is a fully  fledged course where students  get  certificates,  Diplomas  and  degrees.


He  said  the  PR  Industry  needs  constant  conversational  platform  between  an  organization  and  the  public  hence  the  need  to  have  competent  Officers.


PR  Course Tutor  at  MIJ  Mzuzu Campus  Jonathan  Jere said the  college   organized  the  Lecture  to  give a chance  to  students  to  share  practical  experience  with the  practicing  Public  Relations  Officer.


“We  wanted  students  to  hear  from  the  practicing  PRO  so  that  they  should  be  able  to  compare  what  they  have  learnt in  class  to  a  practical  situation,”  explained  Jere.

Jonathan  Jere added  that  the  lecture  was  a  success  looking  at  the  interactions  between  the  Guest  speaker  and  students.


The  Malawi  Institute  of  Journalism is  one  of  Malawi`s  colleges  that  has  a  component  of  Public  Relations  in  its  course  of  Study.


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