Fighting poverty and hunger, the Hunger Project way

Written by  McDonald Chiwayula

Government and Non Governmental Organizations have partnered to step up efforts to empower rural communities to be self reliant economically.

Tadala Sacco official handover Tadala Sacco official handover

This comes as a way of putting to check rising urbanization, poverty and hunger in the country.

For instance the Malawi Social Action Fund, MASAF 4 aims at strengthening safety net systems in the country by implementing community driven projects to improve socio-economic livelihoods of the rural communities.

In the same light, The Hunger Project has intensified community empowerment projects in the country. Recently the organization handed over a vehicle and 8 motorcycles to Tadala Savings and Credit Cooperative in Chikwawa that has grown its membership to 4000 with an asset base totaling over 170 Million Kwacha.

According to Hunger Project Officials, this boost in the arm will see smooth execution of duties at Tadala SACCO.

Hunger Project’s Senior Microfinance Program Officer for Africa, Absa Gueye, believes the surest way to end hunger and poverty is to ensure that vulnerable groups in the society have access to microfinance services without difficulties.

“Since the Establishment of Hunger Project, we work closely with communities, guiding them technically and providing financial packages so that with the passage of time they should have the capacity to be self-reliant,” Said Gueye.

Commenting on the development, Chief Executive Officer for Malawi Union of Savings Credit Cooperative (MUSCCO), Sylvester Kadzola applauded the Hunger Project for its relentless efforts that have seen Tadala SACCO grow to become an independent micro-finance entity.

“Time has come that we take financial services to the rural masses. Our overarching goal is to see to it that economic activities are booming even in remotest parts of the country because of availability of micro-finance institutions in those areas,” he said.

On his part, Board Member for The Hunger Project, Mandala Mambulasa dispelled fears that the local community will fail to run the microfinance facility as Hunger Project pulls out direct administration of the same.

“You see these communities around Nchalo have been well trained in management of SACCOs and this testifies how Tadala SACCO has grown to this level. We believe the community will ably sustain operations of this entity,’’ commented Mambulasa.

The Hunger Project has pumped over 74 million Kwacha in development of Tadala SACCO.

The organization also runs various projects to end poverty and hunger in other districts like Neno and Dedza.

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