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Govt strongly condemns humiliation of women in public places

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Government has strongly condemned the act of disgrace that some people perpetrated on a mentally challenged woman in Limbe, Blantyre on Thursday.

Dr. Esme Kainja: This is uncalled glorification of violence against women Dr. Esme Kainja: This is uncalled glorification of violence against women

Pictures of a naked woman have been circulating on social media since Thursday. Some pictures show the woman being sexually molested while others depicted some men taking pictures of her naked body.

This, according to Secretary for Gender, Children, Disability and Social Welfare Ministry Dr. Esme Kainja, is deeply disturbing and has since vowed to bring the perpetrators to book.

“What is troubling is the fact that the woman has a history of mental challenges and the public violation of the woman’ s rights is the uncalled glorification of violence against women,” said Dr. Kainja in a statement made available to MBC.

Dr. Kainja further condemned both the police officer who handled the case and the individuals circulating the pictures saying they are participating in a criminal activity.

The Ministry therefore calls for action to be taken against the perpetrators of this horrific and shocking crime against the woman.

“Every Malawian has a right to dignity, privacy, security of their person and to be safe from any form of street justice. Any alleged criminal action is not supposed to be dealt with on the streets. Government wishes to inform the public that a country is only as good as the way it protects the vulnerable,” said Dr. Kainja.

The Government has since called upon every Malawian to be vigilant and protect vulnerable young women and children at all times anywhere in the country.

Cases of nude pictures of women circulating on social media have become rampant in the country; and while some agencies have gone ahead to punish the known victims, no perpetrator has been brought to book yet.

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