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Standard Bank hosts “Lioness Lean In” Series for Women Entrepreneurs

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Standard Bank Malawi has hosted the Lioness Lean-In Series for Women Entrepreneurs which took place on Wednesday, 15th March 2017.

Women that took attended the event Women that took attended the event

The Lioness Lean in campaign is a program that targets women entrepreneurs who come together in key cities to ‘lean in’ and listen to successful women business brand builders, share their stories, to inspire one another, and to network and connect for business success.

Lionesses of Africa founder and CEO, Melanie Hawken, said there is a real energy at all Lioness Lean In events across the African continent, as women entrepreneurs at all stages of their business journeys get the opportunity to network and connect with one another, share stories, swop ideas and do business with one another.

"Put women entrepreneurs in a room together, the networking starts immediately, the noise level rises as interesting conversations take place, and great things happen on the business front - its inspirational,” once said Melanie Hawken, Founder & CEO of Lionesses of Africa.

Dr Margaret Kubwalo-Chaika, Head of Personal and Business Banking, Standard Bank, Malawi who also co-hosted the event in Lilongwe said women entrepreneurs in the country have the potential to soar to greater heights.

“Every woman entrepreneur has a dream and a passion - and these are the two basic ingredients for building great businesses. But it’s not enough to simply dream - sometimes, it takes a spark to ignite an idea and to make it a reality - to build a business that has integrity and can go the distance. So today, take the first step to realizing that dream,” said Dr Kubwalo-Chaika.

The Lioness Lean In events are based on a successful networking and speaker presentation format that is highly popular with women entrepreneurs in Africa, and Lionesses of Africa have been rolling these events out, city by city, for the past 12 months.

This year will see a record number of events taking place, organized in partnership with Standard Bank, in different locations around the continent where there will be networking, inspirational guest speakers sharing their own entrepreneurial journeys and experiences by guest women artisan entrepreneurs.

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