Malawians urged to promote locally made products

Written by  Limbani Chuma Ngwata

President Professor Arthur Peter Mutharika has called on Malawians to promote and use locally made products to foster the country’s economic growth.  


President Mutharika made the call in commemoration of the Malawi Day, 18th March which the Malawi leader set aside last year for Malawians to celebrate and promote the local heritage and the uniqueness of Malawian products and services.

“In commemoration of this day, I urge you all to eat, wear and use Malawian products. Let us promote our culture, our way of life. Let us buy Malawian products because we need to promote goods and services that are produced here in Malawi. Let us support our local industries to grow. This is one way of promoting our economic growth and prosperity,” said Mutharika.

The Malawi leader also declared Friday as the day Malawians should wear locally produced clothes. In his special address to the nation, President Professor Arthur Peter Mutharika appealed to Malawians to support local industries to ensure economic growth and prosperity.

“We need to value, buy and promote what is Malawian. We must be the first to promote what is Malawian. This movement began on the day I declared Malawi Day for every year, declared Friday as a day for wearing locally produced clothes, and launched the Buy Malawi Strategy.

In the last one year, we have seen every Friday public and civil servants religiously wearing locally made clothes. We have seen tailoring businesses rise. And we have seen our hotels being more Malawian than ever with local food. This is the direction we must go in promoting what is Malawian. We cannot, and we should never, undermine ourselves by looking down upon what we produce,” he explained.

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