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Buyers offering more for tobacco this year

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Sales on Tobacco at the Auction floors are said to be on a high note this week with farmers fetching up to $1.35 per kilogram on the gold leaf.


Sales recorded at the just ended week by the AHL Group stipulates that the country has sold about 1.3 million Kilograms of tobacco, fetching about K1.3 Billion Kwacha.

Corporate Affairs Manager at AHL group Mark Ndipita said the market this year has performed way better compared to last year’s sale at this very time.

“If we are to compare the no-rejection percentages of tobacco, we can notice a huge difference. For example, this year we have just recorded 6 percent compared to last year’s 62 percent. And the prices have also been promising. By average, this year, Burley is fetching $1.35 against $1.01 last year,” explained Ndipita.

Tobacco Control Commission Acting Chief Executive Officer David Luka said he was optimistic that farmers will make profits as most buyers are buying above the minimum price even on low quality tobacco following President Mutharika’s plea to the buyers at the opening function of the floors to offer better prices for the leaf.

Currently, Kanengo in Lilongwe and Chinkhoma in Kasungu are the only markets that have been opened for sales while Limbe Floors are expected to open tomorrow followed by Mzuzu Floors on 3 May 2017.


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