Clerk, traditional leader arrested for selling NRB forms

Written by  Our Reporter

Malawi Police in Dowa have arrested a clerk working for the National Registration Bureau (NRB) and a Village Headman for being suspected of selling National Registration Forms.



The 28 year old clerk Masauko Mondwe and the 58 year old Village Headman for Kanyamba area in Dowa whose real name is Michael Mbalame were reported to have been selling the forms on July 9.


According to Dowa Police Spokesperson, Richard Mwakayoka Kaponda, the incident happened at Chuzu Registration Centre in the area of Traditional Authority Mkukula in Dowa.


He said police received a tip from well-wishers that an officer of NRB and a village headman were selling registration forms. The police then immediately rushed to the scene, and upon arrival the people who were buying forms fled the premises leaving the village headman and the clerk.


“When the two suspects were questioned by the police they denied to have been selling the NRB forms saying they were distributing them for free,” he said.


Kaponda said the two were then taken to Dowa Second Grade Magistrate Court on Wednesday July 12, where they were answering charges of seeking influence illegally contrary to Section 43(C) of the NRB Act where they denied the charges.


He said Second Grade Magistrate Ezekiel Kantikana, has since withdrawn the case temporarily under Section 81(A) of Criminal Procedure and Evidence Code, because the state has failed to get witnesses of the case citing that those that were suspected to have been buying the forms left the registration premises before the police could question them.


The police through state prosecutor said they will still investigate the case to bring witnesses to court as soon as possible.


Kaponda advised the general public to report all criminal cases pertaining to the ongoing National Registration exercise so that the courts should not lack witnesses when the suspects are being tried.


The NRB clerk comes from Chilangala Village in the area of Traditional Authority Nthalire in Chitipa District, where as Michael Mbalame hails from Kanyamba Village, Traditional Authority Mkukula in Dowa.

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