PP Suspends Uladi Mussa

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The National Executive Committee (NEC) of Peoples Party (PP) has suspended Uladi Mussa from the position of acting president.

Uladi: Suspended Uladi: Suspended

Spokesperson Noah Chimpeni confirmed the development saying Mussa has been suspended following his declaration that Joyce Banda was no longer president of the party because her mandate expired on August 28 this year.

“The decision by Honourable Mussa contravene the constitution of the party hence the decision to suspend him pending a disciplinary hearing in 10 days’ time,” said Mussa.

According to Chimpeni, the PP NEC has however maintained Mussa as vice president for central region.

Meanwhile, political analyst Henry Chingaipe says there is nothing surprising for People’s Party (PP) interim President Uladi Mussa to declare his intentions to take over the leadership of the party from self-exiled Joyce Banda.  

In an interview with MBC, Chingaipe said Mussa’s demands were normal.

“What is happening in the Peoples’ Party is something that naturally should be expected to happen in any political party in a democratic setting. Their constitution provides for a leadership convention and when people are elected, they have a term and according to that constitution the term ended in August so there is need to hold a new leadership convention and one Uladi Mussa has expressed interest to contest for the presidency- that’s not surprising. It’s what we should expect to happen in a democratic setting- people hold office for a period of time according to their constitution,” said Chingaipe.

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