Mzimba DCPC institutes task force on bail issues

Written by  Tionge Watipatsa Matupi

The Mzimba North District Child Protection Committee (DCPC) which also covers Mzuzu City has instituted a seven member task force to look into issues on how persons alleged to have abused children rights are handled.


The task force comes amid revelation that of over 60 defilement cases registered in its catchment area for the past three months only 6 cases entered and granted court bail whilst the rest are said to have been handled by police bail.


Chairperson of Mzimba District Child protection Committee, Evans Mwale said this is a follow up to their previous meetings which sought to have such a task force as a means to totally deal with defilement cases.


“The committee found out that most offenders allegedly to have committed defilement cases are being given bail at the police; the stakeholders have to establish the task force which has to be endorsed by the DCPC, so that they can go to meet the authorities on the matter,” said Mwale.     


In her remarks, Mzuzu Child Magistrate Court official, Magistrate Lilian Munthali said the development will help bring out important issues regarding bail which has its well stipulated guidelines.


“The task force will go to police to find out if the police indeed are releasing people before going to court. You know bail issues follow well documented guidelines.”


The District Social Welfare Officer for Mzimba North, Edward Chisanga has quickly ruled against taking the taskforce as a tool to finger point each other.


“It is an issue of interfacing with the Officer in Charge for the police, to discuss with them on what the law is saying and possibly if there are such cases, the OC should advise his juniors.”


The taskforce comprise various stakeholders including Traditional Authority Jalavikuwa and Kampingo Sibande.

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