MACRA in Smart City campaign

Written by  Yamikani Simutowe

The Malawi Communications Regulatory Authority  (Macra) has rolled out an initiative aimed at having smart cities in the country under government's Public Sector Reforms programmes.

Itaye: Macra Director General Itaye: Macra Director General

The initiative will be facilitated through City Councils, the Ministry of Information, Communications and Technology, Ministry of Local Government and Rural Development, Telecommunication operators and Internet service providers.

The initial phase targets Blantyre City by ensuring that the commercial city becomes a "Smart City in the next few years".

The Authority and Blantyre City Council (BCC) have since organised a Logo Design Competition for the Smart Blantyre Initiative.

"Macra and BCC are desirous to give an identity to the Smart City Initiative especially for Blantyre City by having a Logo. In order to get fresh ideas, the two institutions have decided to launch a contest both individuals and companies to design a Smart Blantyre logo," Macra Director General Godfrey Itaye said.

The best logo will attract a reward of K500,000.

Itaye said as a means of mitigating the negative impact of urban population growth and rapid urbanization, cities worldwide are adopting smart strategies under Smart City concept.

Through this interconnection, a sustainable development is achieved and the quality of life for citizens is improved.

The Smart Cities rely on, among others, a collection of smart computing technologies that are applied to critical infrastructure components and service delivery.

"There are companies in OCT industry that have already started implementing initiatives that offer smart solutions. In order to consolidate these initiatives and make them visible to the public, there is need for the use of paraphernalia with Smart Blantyre logo," he added.

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