Cotton farming: a possible economy transformer

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Malawians and Mozambicans agriculture experts have described the ongoing Shire-Zambezi pest control management for cotton as a milestone that will transform cotton farming in the country.

Cotton farming Cotton farming

During the opening ceremony of a 5- day training on agriculture researchers and extension workers, Director of Agricultural Research Services Wilkson Makumba said transformation of cotton farming in the country is possible.

The training is being facilitated by Brazilian experts and Makumba said local experts are better placed as they undergo this training that will help to change the perspective of local farmers on cotton business and cotton farming.

“Every farmer in the country is eagerly waiting for the researcher to come up with modern technologies so whatever we are developing will have a direct impact on farmers. After the training, we will train the farmers on management of pesticides and chemicals so that they can realize high yields from their crops,” explained Makumba.

Deputy head of Brazilian Embassy Andrea Bueno said they have decided to assist Malawi and Mozambique with Cotton expertise because the two countries have the potential of making it big with cotton.

“We aim at improving cotton production in the country as a major source of income for the country. We are helping the country in producing high cotton by training farmers on how to come up with best farming methods and pest control methods,” said Bueno.

Cotton is one of the country’s major forex earners and the training will motivate cotton farmers in the country to continue growing more cotton for the country to be able to compete with other countries on the international market.


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