Prison officer shot dead two sons

Written by  Patrick Lunda & Sam Phiri

Station officer for Chichiri Prison Senior Superintendent Evance Kataira Chisi has shot dead his two sons at their house in Sunnyside in Blantyre this morning.
Chisi shot dead Rusel aged 29 and the 23 –year-old Stanford.

Nicholas Gondwa Nicholas Gondwa

“Stanford had picked a quarrel with his sister this morning in the corridors of the house. And the father woke up from bedroom to bring peace and order. But later returned to the bedroom and drew a rifle and shot Stanford with two bullets to death,” Gondwa said.

The Police publicist further disclosed that Chisi proceeded to the storeroom where Russel was and shot him while yelling that all the two sons are becoming troublesome in the house.
He said the arrest of Chisi showed that nobody was above the law regardless of a position one holds in the society.

“This simply means nobody is above the law. Whether you are a law-enforcer but whenever you contravene the law of Malawi, the law will take its course,” Gondwa said.

He appealed to officers who keep arms to be responsible to avoid such incidents.

“An advice to people who are entrusted with the custody of a riffle is that we should be of sound mind and be sober enough to handle the riffles not the way Mr Chisi has done,” Gondwa said.
The bodies of the deceased have been taken to Queen Elizabeth Central Hospital for postmortem.

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