Housing project for men and women in uniform to start soon

Written by  Our Reporter

President Professor Arthur Peter Mutharika has reaffirmed government's commitment to promoting the welfare of men and women in uniform.

President Mutharika President Mutharika


President Mutharika also said the housing project for men and women in uniform in the security agencies [Malawi Defence Force; Police; Immigration Department and Prisons] will start in January 2018.


Professor Mutharika said this at Moyale Barracks, one of the establishments of the MSG in Mzuzu.


"I decided to come to Moyale Barracks today in order to see for myself the conditions under which my soldiers work; I came to Moyale to appreciate the environment in which our soldiers and their families live. I came here to interact with my officers, men, women and their families.


"This is not the first time I am visiting Malawi Defence Force establishments. On 17th August this year, I went to Cobbe Barracks where I appreciated the numerous achievements and challenges that the barracks is experiencing. I have been to Kamuzu Barracks. And today I am here at Moyale, and after two weeks, I will be at the MAFCO in Salima, and the Marine Unit in Mangochi," said Mutharika.


He then commended MDF for the services it renders to the nation and the continent in general.


Apart from the usual defence and security programmes, MDF continues to offer civil assistance such as construction of roads and bridges, and also assist in the distribution and security of examinations and elections-related materials.


"The MDF has also always been handy when Malawi is faced with disasters, more especially the flood disasters that hit the country in rainy season. This year, again, we have been warned by the Metrological Experts of stormy rains to hit the country, and flood disasters are imminent.


"I therefore request the MDF, in liaison with the Department of Disaster Management Affairs to be alert for any rescue operations and distribution of relief items to those that may be affected. As Government, we will give you full support," said the Malawi leader.


He conceded that infrastructure in MDF barracks is old and insufficient, and that they need more and better housing.


"You do not have enough personnel. You need more vehicles. You also need proper education facilities for your children. You need better access roads. And many more.


"Let me assure you that my government is making all efforts to improve the situation, and promote the welfare of our men and women in uniform.


"We are already working on access roads to, and in all our Barracks. We are rehabilitating staff houses at the Marine Unit in Monkey Bay and Changalume; and also carrying out rehabilitation works at the Changalume Camp hospital; just to mention a few.


"I have seen the houses that our soldiers are staying in. They are in bad shape and insufficient. But I am here to tell you, that the housing project for our men and women in the security services: the Army, Police, Immigration and Prisons, which I announced in our manifesto is about to start. In fact, we will launch this project this coming January. So, you will soon have modern houses here at Moyale and in all the other MDF premises, Police, Prisons and Immigration.


"I am also pleased to inform everybody, that preparations to build the Military Referral Hospital in Lilongwe are at an advanced stage, and construction will start soon. I am also aware that the Clinic acts as a referral hospital for soldiers from Chilumba Barracks. We need to upgrade the clinic. We are also sorting out your transport challenges, and you will have the vehicles that you need very shortly.


"I have been informed of the need for Officers’ Mess here at Moyale. Mr. Army Commander, you were talking to your Commander-In-Chief. Your request has been noted and we will put up an Officer’s Mess here at Moyale," said President Mutharika.

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