Heavy rains destroy property worth millions in Rumphi

Written by  Mc Donald Gondwe

Heavy rains coupled with flush floods have destroyed property worth millions at Phwezi Trading Centre in Rumphi district.


Confirming the development, District Commissioner for Rumphi, Lusizi Ndlhane, said there is quick need for assistance as many have been rendered homeless.

“People’s houses, shops, livestock have been washed away into the floods, no one has died but four people have sustained injuries,” said the District Commissioner.

According to eye witnesses MBC talked to, the rains started pouring around 8 PM when most people in the area were almost retiring to bed.

“I heard people shouting and crying for help, but when I tried to see exactly what was going on, I noticed I was in a similar problem; water had taken part of my shop,” said the witness.

Being a busy trading centre and close to the Mzuzu - Karonga M1 road, the rains also moved mud and rocks from the mountains into the road making the area impassable for some hours.

Due to its topography the area is usually subjected to flush floods mainly due to high water pressure descending from a nearby mountain.

The Friday rains coupled with the flooding of the nearby Lungazi stream is not the first to occur in the area.

Meanwhile, government says the scenario retards development in a number of ways while assuring to take necessary measures to help the affected.

Minister of Transport, Jappie Mhango who rushed to the scene and visited the affected families said the incident may be a product of harsh effects of climate change surfacing from bare grounds of the hills surrounding the area.

“This could be as a result of careless cutting down of trees uplands, we need to stop this by planting a lot of trees in the mountains surrounding Phwezi or risk the area to floods of this nature,” said the Minister.


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