Mwamondwe urges Malawians to support DPP

Written by  Mc Donald Gondwe

One of the political veterans in the country, Green Luliro Mwamondwe has urged people to appreciate what the Democratic Progressive Party (DPP) led government has lined up for national development.

Mwamondwe addressing people Mwamondwe addressing people

Mwamondwe who is also former Malawi Diplomat to Zimbabwe was speaking at Ngerenge in Karonga district during a development rally organized by DPP Secretariat in the North.

He said it is clear that in just few years it has been in power the DPP led government has delivered commendable developments in the country as opposed to any other party including the over 30 year rule of Malawi Congress party - MCP regime.

“I want to be very factual statistically and historically, during the Dr. Hastings Kamuzu Banda era though the aim was to remove in power the colonial government but still the over 30 years he was in power nothing much happened, this was during the MCP regime.

“If we are to compare with the 11 years the Democratic Progressive Party where we see things ticking for the better in the country,” said Mwamondwe.

He further warned Malawians to trade carefully if development is to continue flourishing in the country.

Mwamondwe who has also authored various political books, said he is convinced that it is only the DPP which can transform the country while stressing the need to support the government as it tries to rectify social and economic problems emanating from the negligence by other regimes.

“If the MCP government centered on the development of the country we would not have intermitted water supply, poor electricity supply, and all sort of effects of improper planning by the then regime,” he observed.

He warned Malawians not to be taken away by acts of some institutions including the Public Affairs Committee - PAC.

The political veteran emphasized that with democracy, people have to be rational when matching the current political waves with its fruits to avoid confusing the public.

He stressed the fact that for a long time President Professor Arthur Peter Mutharika has proved that Malawi belongs to all and therefore he expressed the need for unity, hard work, patriotism and integrity to further develop in the country.

Also present at the meeting were the party's organizing secretary for the North Mungasulwa Mwambande, Deputy Regional Governor, Smart Mwakaira and Director of Youth, Kelvin Chirambo among others.

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