WE4L for aspiring female councilors

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Women Empowerment for Leadership – WE4L, a new project aimed at ensuring women take up various ward leadership as councilors in the 2019 tripartite election has been launched.

Such women will gain political skills Such women will gain political skills

The project, implemented by Tovwirane Organization in Mzimba, is set to drill women aspirants in communication and other skills that are a prerequisite in their journey towards winning various wards in the tripartite elections.

One of the aspiring ward councilors, Ida Chikoti Shawa of the ruling Democratic Progress Party, said the project is an inspiration on its own for women that are ready to stand for their wards.

She added that lack of guidance, skills, motivation and support are among some of the factors that hinder women from expressing their political interests and rising in leadership positions.

“Most women lack knowledge on how best to prepare themselves for an election contest. As a result, they contest while not well prepared and lose miserably,” said Shaba.

Tovwirane Monitoring and Evaluation Officer, Edah Mtika explained the project wants to enhance women capacity to fully participate in political and societal decision making process.

She said the project is engaging political and traditional leaders to sensitize people to have a positive attitude towards women leadership.

WE4L is a five-year programme running from 2016 to 2020 and is being funded by Dutch Government through Hivos.

The programme is being implemented with local partners in Malawi, Zambia, Zimbabwe, Jordan and Lebanon.

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