Political scientist faults Sidik Mia’s declaration

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Political scientist from the University of Malawi’s Chancellor College, Mustapha Hussein, has accused Mohamad Sidik Mia of lacking sensitivity by declaring to run for the vice presidency in the Malawi Congress Party (MCP) amid a prevailing tense situation in the party.

Mia: Accused of insensitivity Mia: Accused of insensitivity


On Tuesday, Mia addressed a press conference where he openly declared his intention to contest as vice president for MCP at its convention.

But Hussein observed that Mia’s early declaration would add problems to the already tense situation in the party.

He said Mia should have held his announcement until after the party resolves the convention issue.

“It’s a democracy so people are free to contest in any elections but Mia ought to have been sensitive regarding the effects his announcement would have on the already situation in the party. My fear is, this will only aggravate the tension,” said Hussein to a local newspaper on Wednesday.

He added that Mia might have made the announcement probably to show his influence in the party and also to confirm that the party would hold the convention where he would compete.

Meanwhile, chaos continues to reign supreme in the country’s oldest political party, with a caucus held by its Members of Parliament (MPs) failing to agree on the possible way forward.

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