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APM calls on Malawians to pray for good rains

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President Professor Arthur Peter Mutharika has called on the faith community and all Malawians to pray for good rains and a productive season from this Friday to Sunday.

Malawi Leader, Professor Mutharika Malawi Leader, Professor Mutharika

President Mutharika said although rains have resumed falling in some parts of the country after dry spells, there is need to continue praying for areas that are still parched.


A statement from the State House Press Office says President Mutharika has also directed all cabinet Ministers and senior government officials to attend the prayers in their respective places of worship in order to lead by example.


Professor Mutharika said Malawi as a nation should also pray and support those affected by natural disasters in their time of need. According to the statement, the President believes that we all can do something to support someone somewhere because we all have something to offer.


The statement concludes by saying that President Mutharika passionately believes that a God fearing nation finds favor before the Creator.


Commenting on the call from President Professor Mutharika, government spokesperson and Minister of Information Nicholas Dausi said Government is concerned with the current situation and therefore appeals to all denominations to engage in the special prayers between Friday and Sunday.


Meanwhile, the Muslim Association of Malawi has welcomed the call. Besides, Bishop Joseph Bvumbwe of the Malawi Council of Churches has concurred with the President on the need for the prayers.

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