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DPP puts welfare of people at heart – BJ

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Brown James Mpinganjira popularly known in political circles as BJ says the ruling Democratic Progressive Party – DPP puts the welfare of the nation at heart.

Professor Mutharika welcoming BJ to DPP Professor Mutharika welcoming BJ to DPP

Mpinganjira said this when he was joining the ruling DPP at a public rally which President Professor Arthur Mutharika addressed at Lunzu Community ground in Blantyre on Sunday January 21, 2018. Among others, Mpinganjira said he decided to join the DPP because of the wise and mature leadership of President Professor Mutharika.


“The DPP government always puts the welfare of Malawians at heart. Look at infrastructure developments in the country; our universities like Polytechnic are now wearing a new face, good road networks everywhere. Development is on the right track,” said Mpinganjira adding that he will work with the DPP in all its activities.


Mpinganjira who once served as a Cabinet Minister during Joyce Banda also commended President Professor Mutharika for not selling maize outside the country since many Malawians this year will need food because other parts of the country are experiencing drought and have been affected by fall army worms.


He however appealed to other politicians to stop politicizing everything at the expense of Malawians. 


Apart from Brown James Mpinganjira, others who joined the party during the public rally include Henry Phoya, Ken Lipenga and Reverend Daniel Gunya.


Speaking earlier at the rally, DPP Secretary General Greselder Jeffrey who also led the welcoming ceremony of the four political heavy weights commended President Professor Mutharika for the open door policy which allows new members to join the DPP.

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