Purging continues in MCP: Kabwila out

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In an apparent display of anti-democratic tendencies, the Malawi Congress Party (MCP) continues to purge voice of dissent, with a latest victim being Salima North West legislator Jessie Kabwila, who has been fired for alleged misconduct.

Jessie Kabwila: Fired Jessie Kabwila: Fired

Confirming the firing of Kabwila, who was the party’s spokesperson, newly appointed Publicity Secretary for MCP Ezekiel Ching’oma told a news conference on Tuesday that the National Executive Committee (NEC) also agreed to suspend first-vice president Richard Msowoya and  Secretary General Gustavo Kaliwo Second Deputy Secretary General Chatonda Kaunda and Tony Kandiero.

Ching’oma said the members will be  summoned to  disciplinary hearing sessions.

Said Ching’oma: “NEC agreed to suspend these people pending conclusion of disciplinary process.”

Ching’oma, who was flanked by public relations officer Alekeni Menyani and others, said NEC has appointed Reverend Maurice Munthali as Deputy Publicity Secretary.

Meanwhile, the party has also suspended three regional committee for the North for violating the four cornerstones of Unity, Loyalty, Obedience and Discipline.

The leaders are constituency chairman John Nkosi, the Secretary Andrew Chiumia and Campaign Director Chambulamantha Chabinga.

Ironically, most of the party’s purging victims are those that are seen not to be subscribing to the messiahnising of Sidik Mia in the party.

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