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APM declares end of blackouts

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President Professor Arthur Peter Mutharika says government is working tirelessly to end power outages in the country.

President Mutharika switching on the generators President Mutharika switching on the generators

Professor Mutharika said this during the official commissioning of 55 megawatts power supply at ESCOM Power House in Blantyre. The Malawi leader said he was concerned by the prolonged load sheddings the country has been experiencing.


President Mutharika pointed out that power outages which the country is experiencing is because previous governments did not invest in energy sector. According to Professor Mutharika, the commissioning of the power grid is the beginning of ending frequent power shortages in the country. The President however said the decision to buy generators was criticized by the MCP leader Lazarus Chakwera who said the initiative will not materialize.


“The whole nation has been waiting for us to find immediate solution to power shortage in the country,” said President Mutharika.

President Mutharika cutting a ribbon

The Malawi leader has since assured Malawians that government has put in place several interventions to end power challenges in the country. He said by the end of 2018 the nation will bid farewell to power challenges. The President said currently another 20 megawatts generators have already been installed in Lilongwe and another 23 megawatts will be planted in Kasungu.


Besides, the Malawi leader said government is considering putting in place long term solutions to power challenges by constructing a 1400 megawatts core powered electricity, another 700 megawatts hydro power and 70 megawatts sola powered electricity within the next two years.


President Mutharika said no country can develop without investing in energy saying once the situation of electricity stabilizes more foreign investors will be attracted to start their businesses in Malawi.


During the event, Professor Mutharika said his government has done a lot in stabilizing the economy, improving road network, construction of community technical colleges among other developments since it assumed power in 2014.


Speaking earlier during the event, Minister of Energy Aggrey Massi said the power supply project is the major project in history of energy sector in Malawi. He said now people will have more time connected to electricity as the gensets are expected to be running at an average of 6 hours per day.

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