MEC hunting addresses of 27 political parties

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The Malawi Electoral Commission (MEC) is searching for phone numbers and email addresses of 27 political parties that are among the 47 registered parties in the country.

Katsonga: Founder and leader of Chipani Cha Pfuko Katsonga: Founder and leader of Chipani Cha Pfuko

According to Chief Elections Officer, Sammy Alfandika, among the missing addresses are those of Malawi Democratic Party (MDP) of Kamlepo Kalua, Maravi People’s Party (MPP) of Uladi Mussa and Chipani Cha Pfuko (CCP) of Davis Katsonga.

Others are United Front For Multi-Party Democracy, Malawi National Democratic Party, Malawi Democratic Union, The Congress For The Second Republic Of Malawi, Christian Democratic Party, National Patriotic Front, National Unity Party, Malawi Freedom Party, People’s Democratic Party, Sapitwa National Democratic Party, The Forum Party, Mass Movement For The Young Generation , National Solidarity Movement, Congress For National Unity and Pamodzi Freedom Party.

“These parties are encouraged to furnish the secretariat with phone numbers and email addresses of their party president, secretary general, director of elections and publicity secretary,” said Alfandika.

Out of the 47 registered political parties, only five; Alliance for Democracy (AFORD); United Democratic Front (UDF); Democratic Progressive Party (DPP); and Malawi Congress Party (MCP) are active, with only DPP and MCP participating in the recent past two by elections.

Some of the existing political parties have not participated in any election since their formation.

The development comes as the Centre for Multiparty Democracy (CMD) is championing the enactment of Political Parties Law, which among others provides measures to ensure that once registered, political parties are functional.

The law provides for the deregistration of any party that has not held a convention for a period of atleast five consecutive years from date of registration or the date the party held its last convention.

Further, the party would also risk deregistration if it has not secured at least a seat in parliamentary elections; at least five percent of national votes for parliamentary elections; and again, at least two seats in a local government elections or 10 percent of total national votes in the local government election.

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