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Kasaila hails Govt for developments in Lower Shire

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Member of Parliament for Nsanje Central Francis Kasaila has hailed government for a number of development activities in the Lower Shire.

Kasaila speaking at the podium Kasaila speaking at the podium


Speaking to MBC, Kasaila who is also Minister of Labour said Lower Shire is benefiting a lot from the developments that are taking place across the country. He however appealed to those awarded contracts on development projects to give out the best so that the projects should be durable and benefit the locals.


“We have had a lot of projects; notable ones are water project, power supply, new market, tally centre that will be opened shortly, we have site for community college that the Chinese will start constructing soon,” said Kasaila.


As the world has many wars taking place and causing unbearable human suffering, natural disasters are also taking their toll on humanity in various ways. Floods almost every year do not spare Malawi.


However, the Shire Valley has been one of the most affected parts of the country. On this Kasaila commended the Government for the support that it provides like food among other relief items during disasters.


“We have vital infrastructure projects like roads, bridges in several parts of Lower Shire. President Professor Peter Mutharika is not forgetting us, we are very grateful. Every year we face hunger due to floods but we receive support from the government, we are always assisted,” added Kasaila.

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