TNM brings Internet package for home use

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TNM plc, after launching their 4.5G/LTE network to provide faster and dependable mobile internet has announced the launch of home connectivity packages branded as TNM @Home.

Makata: This internet connectivity is very fast and reliable Makata: This internet connectivity is very fast and reliable

TNM Chief Officer, Sales & Marketing Daniel Makata said the launch of TNM @Home demonstrates the company’s commitment in bringing innovative products and services that respond to customer needs in Malawi keeping their homes connected all the time.

“TNM @Home is an affordable and reliable home connectivity solution that will offer our customers superior Internet, home ground phone and enriched customer experience supported by 4G and 4.5G LTE, better customer service delivery and advanced supporting equipment. These provide a world-class browsing experience to users as well as clear voice telephone connectivity for the home,” said Makata.

Makata said TNM @Home gives customers access to connect to their world while enjoying seamless internet in the comfort of their homes as a family.

“With our 4G and 4.5 /LTE network platform, TNM is re-writing the rules by connecting people, creating possibilities and changing lives. TNM @Home packages are affordable and bring reliable connectivity and offers peace of mind when you are present or absent from your home. Whether you are an individual, a Small Media Enterprise (SME), or corporate customer, TNM @Home offers you affordability and utility as a preferred high-speed connectivity solution,” he said.

“It also provides a wide choice of data and voice packages to suit one’s lifestyle. You can now call home again and be sure that the phone you are calling is at home. This will make sure that you have peace of mind while you are out of home because the home phone will surely be at home,” added Makata.

Customers get the LTE indoor router, outdoor unit and SIP phone (depending on the choice of your package) as part of the TNM @Home Package. The four Home Internet packages TNM is offering are 10 plus 10, Family, Entertainment and Entertainment Plus. The packages are available from as low as MK20, 000 depending on the package of your choice.

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