'Give credit where it is due'

Written by  McDonald Chiwayula

Zomba Central legislator, Patricia Nangozo Kainga has called on government’s critics to give credit where it is due. She said much as there are some shortcomings in the delivery of some projects, on the overall government has surpassed people’s expectations in implementation of various programmes across the country. Nangozo was speaking in the August House in response to the State of the Nation Address as presented by President Professor Mutharika on 4th May 2018.

Nangozo Kainga Nangozo Kainga

Kainga observed that some speakers in the House just concentrated their energies on punching holes in the SONA other than looking at the bigger picture as regards state of development in the country.

She said: “We patriotic Malawians who love our country are invigorated by the President’s speech. Where others see darkness we see bright rays of light. The people of Zomba Central have good roads and the famous two million bridge is under construction, amongst other infrastructural developments and soon we are going to have a shopping mall.”

The legislator went on to say, government has shown commitment in ensuring that all obstacles hampering trickling down of economic benefits to intended beneficiaries are cleared off.

“Let me also put on record that it is very clear that government has made a strong commitment of ensuring that its economic programmes reach people on the grassroot,” said Kainga.

Concurring with Kainga, legislator for Phalombe East Constituency, Amos Mailosi, said the current administration has made strides in improving quality of tertiary education such as construction of various pieces of infrastructure in public universities and colleges and it’s never ending support for development of community technical colleges across the country cement it all.

“Madam First Deputy Speaker, His Excellency Professor Arthur Peter Mutharika outlined a number of social interventions that his DPP led administration has implemented and continues to implement. These programmes are actually improving social welfare of people in this country. So it is sad when some people make negative remarks as if they don’t live in this country,” observed Mailosi.

Deliberations in the House continue as the Honourable Members respond to the State of Nation Address.

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