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US businessman murdered in Nkhata Bay

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Police in Nkhata Bay are looking for unknown people who murdered a 47 year old Nkhata Bay based businessman.

Mfune - Investigations are under way Mfune - Investigations are under way

According to Nkhata Bay Police publicist Cecilia Mfune, the businessman was brutally murdered during the night of July 21, 2018. The deceased Michael James Maglioli from Massachusetts, United States of America, was killed at his house at Dambo area in the District.


The thugs tied the deceased with wires and later murdered him. The matter was reported to Nkhata Bay Police Station. Postmortem conducted at Nkhata Bay District Hospital revealed that death was due to severe loss of blood secondary to multiple deep cut wounds on the head.


“According to his maid the deceased sells liquor and soft drinks, on that night she heard a knock and opened the door thinking it was their usual customers but to her shock she saw strange men covered with masks on their faces armed with panga knives,” said Mfune.


Meanwhile, Malawi Police Service is discussing with United States of America embassy on the body of the deceased.  

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