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Two men behind bars for defilement in Ntchisi

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Police in Ntchisi have arrested a 26-year old man Falison William for defiling a 12-year old imbecile girl.

Defilement is bad Defilement is bad

Ntchisi Police Spokesperson Gladson M’bumpha said the victim met her fate when she was coming from choir practices at Dyuku Village in Traditional Authoirty Chilooko in the district.


According to M’bumpha, the mother of the victim was surprised with the time her daughter took before coming back. The mother then followed the victim to the church where she did not find her.


The mother was later informed that her daughter was seen with William. M'bumpha said following the tip, the mother went to the suspect’s house where she found her daughter. After quizzing her, the daughter revealed that she has been defiled twice by William.


“The victim's mother went to the suspect's house where she found her daughter standing at the door. The victim after seeing her mother started narrating that she was dragged to a nearby bush where she was defiled by the suspect. Thereafter the suspect took the girl to a banana field where she defiled her for the second time,” explained police spokesperson.


The matter was reported to the police who arrested him. Falison William hails from Chimwaye Village in Traditional Authority Chilooko in the district. The suspect will appear before court soon to answer charges of defilement.


In a related development, police in the district are keeping in custody 59-year-old Jemison Mwale of Mzowa Village in the area of Traditional Authority Chilooko in Ntchisi for allegedly defiling a 14-year-old.


The suspect is also expected to appear before court soon to answer charges of defilement.

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