DPP assures Mzimba people of more development projects

Written by  Shereen Tembo - MANA

Minister of Transport and Public Works, Jappie Mhango has assured people of Mzimba of continued development of the district once the ruling Democratic People’s Party (DPP) is re-elected next year.

DPP Treasurer General Jappie Mhango in Mzimba, DPP Treasurer General Jappie Mhango in Mzimba, Pic by Shereen Tembo -Mana


Mhango, who is also DPP Treasurer General, was speaking on Sunday at Mselama Primary School in Paramount Chief M’mbelwa’s area where the DPP unveiled its aspiring member of parliament for Mzimba South Constituency, Tikhome Phiri.


He said the DDP-led government had brought many development projects in the district and is eager to do more.


Mhango cited the K17 billion water project being implemented by Northern Region Water Board, construction of the Jenda-Edingeni Road, Mombera University, and M’mbelwa District Council offices.


He advised people of Mzimba to register during the voter registration exercise for them to vote for the party’s candidates.


“I am encouraging you all to register in large numbers so that in the next election you should be able to vote for DPP candidates,” Mhango said.


He warned people against being duped by dishonest people whom, he said, would be coming and posing to be leaders of tomorrow.


“The political landscape is changing and we are now getting into election mood. There will be lots of people masquerading as leaders of tomorrow but most of them will be very dishonest,” he said.


He said for DPP to win, it is banking on the people coming in their large numbers in all the centers which Malawi Electoral Commission (MEC) has put in place in the district for registration.

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