Political leaders in Phalombe urged to follow protocol

Written by  Takondwa Velemu-MEC Stringer

Phalombe sports committee members have requested political party leaders in the district to follow proper procedures when conducting any sporting activity.

Phalombe Sports Committee at work Phalombe Sports Committee at work

The committee members made the request in a meeting where they were selecting new district sports committee members for the district.


In an interview with Edward Malumero, the District Sports Officer (DSO) for Phalombe, said the election of new sports committee members is done every 3 years.


In the process committee members expressed worry on the tendency of some political leaders, who do not follow the right procedure when engaging the community in different sporting competitions as we go closer to the elections period.


"Party leaders should know that everything has its own protocol to follow when doing things. When they are starting various sporting competitions they should follow procedures and use the committees which are there to guide them. It is my plea to politicians and everyone who wants to engage in any other sporting competition to follow set guidelines," said Malumero.


He further advised the new sports committee members to be active, be prepared to work hard and know what they want to achieve at the end of the day. In so doing he believes sporting activities in Phalombe will be on the map.


In his remarks Dan Sumani, who is one of the new sports committee members for Phalombe said there is a growing tendency by some politicians who do not consult the district committee hence creating chaos at times.

"It is true that some political leaders do not consult the DSO before starting a sporting competition. We will try to reason with them since we are all humans and we hope for a positive change,” he said.

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