Voter registration starts on a positive note in Neno

Written by  Enock Naphazi - MEC Stringe

Almost all voter registration centers in Neno district were reported open and operational from 8 am Sunday morning as phase five of voter registration got underway in Neno, Balaka, Mulanje, Phalombe, Thyolo and Luchenza Municipal.

Setting up for the registration process Setting up for the registration process

NICE District Civic and Education Officer for Neno Walasi Kudzala said he is optimistic that Neno will be the first district to reach 100% of the given target in this voter registration which MEC has projected to register 82, 418 in Neno.

A tour by NICE officers led by Walasi Kuzala on Sunday 2nd September at Chikonde, Kaponda, Chiuli, Ligowe and Chikonde 2 registration centers in the district showed the process is efficient and takes approximately 2 minute for one to get registered.

“I am impressed because this is a new system but everything is going on smoothly and my impression was that being the new system, registration process will be taking too long to complete with a number of loopholes, but the process is very fast,” said Kuzala.

MEC Assistant Civic and Voter Education Officer (ACVEO) for the South Emilia Chanza expressed hope that people in the district will turn up in their large numbers as evidenced in most of the civic education meetings they conducted in the district as people attended in large number.

In an interview at the Chikonde registration Centre, MEC district election officer Mr. Sam Nthini said the registration process started smoothly this morning.

“By 7am, there were already 3 people who were waiting to be registered. We did not have any challenges. All registration centers are fully equipped and ready for exercise. We are hoping that the number of people will increase as the day progresses,” said Nthini.

Phase 5 of voter registration started on Sunday 02 September 2018 in Neno, Balaka, Mulanje, Phalombe, Thyolo and Luchenza Municipal and is expected to end on 15th September 2018.

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