Young people to learn surviving life tools in France

Written by  Mirriam Kaliza

Young people of 20 to 35 years from around the world have got a chance to attend the Youth Global Forum slated for December this year. The organisers of the youth Global Forum 2018, Youth Time International Movement, says young people have got potential to become who they want if they are given a proper direction.

A speaker at  GYF 2015 engages the audience A speaker at GYF 2015 engages the audience

With the world facing an overabundance of social and environmental challenges, the practice of impact investing has become something of a trend in the past decade. Such investments are now beginning to question the archaic notion that global issues can be tackled only through humanitarian contributions, with market investments focusing exclusively on monetary gain.

This new emerging form of investment comes with a promise to bring out the best of the nonprofits and for-profit systems, combining them to yield positive social and environmental impact in addition to tidy financial returns. It appears to be a win-win formula and as the call for addressing global problems and reaching sustainable development goals amplifies, so do the opportunities for both investors and innovators.

Set in the cosmopolitan city of Paris, France, the Youth Global Forum is composed not only to equip young business people with the necessary tools to thrive in the realms of impact investment, but also to foster leadership, human values and a strong sense of social responsibility. Through a harmonious combination of educational programs and cultural exchange activities.

According to the organisers of the forum, Youth Time International Movement, participants will leave the event feeling empowered and inspired to generate positive change within their communities.

“A series of informative keynotes, master classes, case studies and highly-interactive workshops conducted by esteemed experts will help attendees to gain insight into the complex world of impact investing and learn about the opportunities which could allow them to realize their maximum potential”, reads part of their statement.

Further, young entrepreneurs will have the chance to pitch their very own business projects related to the event theme, with the winner receiving Youth Time’s Idea Grant to realize their idea.

Youth Time International Movement is therefore pleased to open applications The event which is slated to take place in Paris, France from December 2nd -6th and will gather together more than 100 participants, experts and trainers from all over the world with the aim of discussing ideas and solutions to some of the most prevalent youth issues. The topic of the annual event is Worldwide Impact Investment: the Role of Entrepreneurs.

For one to apply for the opportunity, they may want to visit the following website

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