DPP calls for primaries re-run in disputed areas

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Ruling Democratic Progressive Party (DPP) is next week expected to conduct primary elections re-run in areas where results were disputed.

Nankhumwa: DPP Southern Region Vice President Nankhumwa: DPP Southern Region Vice President

In some areas, DPP primary elections were marred with irregularities forcing some candidates to contest the results.

The disputed areas include Mulanje North, Nsanje Lalanje, Neno South, Chikwawa West, Nsanje South, Chikwawa Nkombezi, Thyolo South West, Phalombe South, Mulanje West and Blantyre City West.

Speaking on the sidelines of consultative meeting with aspirants, district and constituency governors from the affected areas at DPP Southern Region Headquarters in Blantyre, the party vice president for the region Kondwani Nankhumwa acknowledged that grave mistakes were committed in the management of the primary elections in the disputed area.

“We want to go back and conduct primary elections, but we cannot do that without auditing the entire process and at the end of this audit we are going to set a date for the re-run.

“From the look of things, there were some interested parties. There is even a clear indication that corruption was involved. Even the behavior of some presiding officers left a lot to be desired- they were not disciplined, some could go to the elections venue drunk. So these are some of the anomalies we want to rectify before conducting the re-run,” said Nankhumwa.

Nankhumwa feared that the disputed primary elections results have the potential to minimize its chances of retaining power in this year’s Tripartite Elections.

Meanwhile, President Arthur Peter Mutharika is expected to issue certificates to all winners of DPP primary elections later this month.

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