Four arrested in albino murder case

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Barely a day after Malawi Police Service arrested three people following the murder of Yasin Phiri, a person with albinism in Nkhata Bay, the police now have in their custody a fourth suspect.


Yasin Phiri was murdered on 1st January 2019 at around 22 hours. He was murdered mercilessly killed in the presence of his 9 year old son.

The fourth suspect, Frank Mkweni, 19, is said to be the one who has been keeping the body parts maimed from Yasin Phiri’s body.

On Thursday, the Police arrested Francis Chipateni Kaluwa aged 37, Ceaser Banda, aged 31, and Lawrence Theu aged 32 all from Nkhata Bay in connection with the murder.

Meawhile, psychologists have advised that Yasin Phiri’s 9 year old son need to be taken for counseling.

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