Atupele Muluzi votes, calls for all registered voters to vote

Written by  Bonface Chisale & Geoffrey Chinawa
UDF's president who is also one of the presidential candidates in the tripartite polls has voted at Nainunje Primary School in Machinga North East consitituency.
Former President Bakili Muluzi casting his vote Former President Bakili Muluzi casting his vote
Speaking after casting his vote  Muluzi commended all the elections staff for the good job they are doing. 
"Am urging all Malawians to cast their vote, voting is the right for all," said Muluzi. 
After some minutes the former Head of State Dr Bakili Muluzi also came to cast his vote at the same polling station.
Addressing  journalists later on Dr Muluzi said Malawians must remain united and peace-loving during this period.
"I would like to ask all Malawians to exercise peace during this period untill the results are out," said Muluzi.
As the voting process is still underway, in Machinga there is high turn out in all centers.
The district has a total number of 7 constituencies and 14 wards. 
Machinga has 59 aspiring members of parliament and 96 shadow councillors.

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