APM to meet MCC Chief on $350.7m electricity compact

Written by  Our Reporter

Malawi President Professor Arthur Peter Mutharika on Friday is scheduled to meet Dana Hyde, Chief Executive Officer for the Millennium Challenge Corporation (MCC) in Washington DC.

President Muthariak (left) President Muthariak (left)

Among other crucial areas, President Mutharika is expected to discuss with the MCC chief, Malawi’s $350.7 million energy compact which is a single-sector program designed to increase incomes and reduce poverty by revitalizing Malawi’s power sector and improving the availability, reliability and quality of the power supply.

According to President Mutharika, the MCC compact is expected to increase power capacity and in turn help improve productivity in the manufacturing industry.

“This is a very important project which when implemented will increase the capacity and stability of the national electricity grid and bolster the efficiency and sustainability of hydropower generation on top of reducing energy costs to enterprises and households and improve productivity in the agriculture, manufacturing and service sectors,” he said.

“Therefore, my meeting with Ms Hyde will focus on where we are and what we should do as a nation to finally benefit from this compact, “he said.

After meeting Ms Hyde, President Mutharika will also have an audience with Mr. James Nicholas, the Executive Partner for Global Business Resources USA and his team, professors from the Dayton University, OHIO, and the Chief Executive of Universal Leaf Company among others where they discussions will touch on a wide range of issues affecting Malawi and the economy.

President Mutharika is in the USA where among other engagements he has been invited to deliver a keynote address at the second edition of the International Conservation Caucus Gala at the invitation of US President Barack Obama.

President Mutharika described the event as very crucial considering that Malawi is also working on various policies aimed at conserving its natural resources and the environment.

“It is a very important meeting that will draw together a number of leaders to discuss and share ideas on conservation. As a country we have been given the honour to deliver a keynote address at the meeting,” said Mutharika.

Mutharika said the invitation was a great honour and would bean opportunity to build corporate relations with influential partners.


“This trip will be very beneficial to the country as I will be able to woo potential investors who can help out in different sectors of the economy,” said President Mutharika.
President Mutharika will join about 500 guests who include fellow heads of state, members of the U.S. Cabinet, world business leaders, American celebrities, and leaders from the international NGO community.

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