Kaliati resolves impasse in Mulanje SE Constituency

Written by  Secret Bvumbwe

Squabbles that ensued between former DPP Parliamentarian constituency committee of South East part of Mulanje and a committee of incumbent Parliamentarian Naomi Kilekwa who won on an independent ticket and then rejoined the ruling DPP has been finally resolved.

Patricia Kaliati Patricia Kaliati

Parliamentarian for Mulanje Central Patricia Kaliati, who is also an executive member of DPP, was entrusted to settle the matter and expressed optimism that top members of the party committee will now have smooth working relationship that would promote party’s development agenda.

Kaliati also urged DPP members in Mulanje South East to promote unity and strengthen the party at the grassroots level.

“We come from different backgrounds and also we have different beliefs hence disagreements are prone to happen, but for the good of the party it’s good to settle issues amicably, “said Kaliati.

In their remarks Parliamentarian for the area Naomi Kilekwa and Sub Traditional Authority Chikuse welcomed the outcome of the meeting which has ironed out differences which were derailing development activities.

“I am happy that the differences have been iron out, it’s time we focus on development,” said Naomi Kilekwa.

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