Old Mutual engages Zokonda Amayi women on financial management

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Old Mutual Malawi has encouraged women to work very hard in attaining financial independence and embrace the spirit of savings.

Chiluzi addresses Zokonda Amayi women Chiluzi addresses Zokonda Amayi women

Old Mutual engaged women from the Zokonda Amayi Macheza Blantyre Chapter at their office auditorium in Blantyre on financial management.

Speaking during the function, Old Mutual’s Financial Literacy Officer Benard Chiluzi said women have every potential of transforming their lives with the small and medium businesses they can engage in to change their economic status.

Making a presentation on the “The Five Secrets of Money Management”, Chiluzi said the concept is all about helping women put their savings together and put them to good use.

“Many of us here do not have any savings policy that we live on the income that we find day by day. We want to encourage the spirit of saving and keeping wealth. We all have the potential to grow financially by engaging in businesses and not only rely on our spouses or salaries that we get at the end of the month. We can and should do more,” said Chiluzi.

He then encouraged women to work on budgeting and spending depending on the income they generate saying overspending on limited resources usually comes because of lack of proper planning and demarcating one’s priorities.

“We have seen women that fail to sustain their monthly expenditure because they did not plan well on what they wanted to do with the money. Some of the things we spend on are not basic or immediate needs hence we tend to spend money on things that do not generate more income,” said Chiluzi.

Hancy Movirikana – Regional Chairlady for the South Zokonda Amayi Macheza Group thanked Old Mutual for organizing the function and said women have benefited a lot from the presentation and will put into practice the things that they have learnt.

“This has been an enlightening session and it has come at the right time. Many of us will now consider venturing into business so that we can increase our income. At the same time, I have seen the benefits of saving and making a proper budget for the money that I make,” said Movirikana.

Old Mutual sponsors the Zokonda Amayi segment of Friday on MBC Radio One hence calling on all women in Blantyre to such an event.

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