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Goal changed – Uladi is Blue

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Uladi Mussa who is the Parliamentarian for Salima South and some senior politicians have joined DPP citing massive development in the country.

Uladi Mussa: I have done enough research Uladi Mussa: I have done enough research


Mussa who is popularly known in political circles as Change Goal joined the ruling DPP in Muloza, Mulanje where President Mutharika conducted a development rally. Mussa said after vigorous research he has discovered that there is no other party that can beat DPP in the country come May 2019.


“After conducting enough research in the country, I have decided to join DPP. Everything in the country is moving well, change is here. Development everywhere, I appeal to those still in PP to come and join DPP because they are wasting their time there,” said Mussa.


Mussa who once served as President of Peoples Party (PP) when Joyce Banda was in self imposed exile after losing 2014 tripartite elections said those speaking bad about Professor Mutharika regime are those who don’t wish Malawi well.


“Look at the infrastructure development in the country. A lot has changed and DPP is the game changer, the President has good agenda for this country,” said Mussa pointing that in politics you always need to calculate simple mathematics not just opposing.


"Some are saying Kwacha, today? If they say kwacha to you, say kwada!"


Hon. Mussa promised to work day and night to make sure that DPP wins with landslide in 2019 tripartite elections.

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