Rab devises new strategy to cut costs of its customers

Written by  McDonald Chiwayula

Rab Processors Limited says it has devised a new distribution strategy that will cut costs of its customers enabling them order goods of the company right in their localities.

Douglas Mandala, Ditribution Manager, Rab Processors Limited Douglas Mandala, Ditribution Manager, Rab Processors Limited

Rab Processor Limited Sales and Distribution Manager Douglas Davis Mandala said this at Nchalo in Chikwawa when the company handed over 2 bicycles as prizes to a wholesale shop operator, Kingstone Chikwanjo.


“We want to develop the value chain. Our target is to ensure that people buy our products right in their vicinities other than spending extra costs to purchase the goods in urban areas. We are manufacturers and we sell to wholesalers it is our expectation that retailers order the goods directly from the wholesalers other than the current trend where retailers are skipping wholesalers in the distribution channel,” said Mandala.


Chikwanjo won the bicycles in a Cash-Mate Promotion which Rab Processors Limited is running. Mandala said the strategy allows business promotion and empowers small scale traders to grow steadily on the market. He further pointed out that the pass on strategy creates jobs at every stage and has a positive bearing on the country’s economy.

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