SMEDI intensifies SMEs training

Written by  McDonald Chiwayula

In a bid to equip members of Leather Association of Malawi and Blantyre Textile Cooperative with managerial skills, Small and Medium Enterprises Development Institute (SMEDI) has recently trained the two groups in business management.

Edward Malunga,President of Leather Association of Malawi. Edward Malunga,President of Leather Association of Malawi.

This follows a development where the two groups received equipment from government through SMEDI to enhance their operations.  Speaking after the training in Blantyre president of Leather Association of Malawi Edward Malunga singled out the Buy Malawian strategy as crucial for the growth of the sector.


“I have talked times without number that (we) SMEs we need deliberate policies from Government to support our work on the ground so that we contribute meaningfully to the development of our country. The Buy Malawi Strategy is one of such. We are in dire need of quality trainings, access to capital, equipment and export incentives so we play our rightful role in the economy, I would like to appreciate the training conducted by SMEDI, we have acquired rare knowledge,” said Malunga.

On his part, Business Communication Officer for SMEDI, Comstom Soko says the training is part of government’s interventions to boost the sector.

“SMEDI values all SMEs in the country. We surely know that if these SMEs are well developed there will be ripple effects as more jobs will be created and reduction of imports as some of the goods will be locally manufactured and there’s great potential that these SMEs can turn themselves into exporting firms, that’s the direction we want to take as a country,” emphasized Soko.


According to the Ministry of Trade, small medium enterprises –SMES contribute almost half of Malawi’s Gross Domestic Product.


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