UGI offers free fleet management solutions

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United General Insurance has taken its quest to provide tailor-made insurance solutions to a new level by bringing a value-added insurance to Malawi by launching free fleet management solution under its Autoserve policies.

Chiwoni: We offer more value to our clients Chiwoni: We offer more value to our clients

UGI Chief Executive Officer, Bywell Chiwoni said fleet management solutions represent the bold commitment towards fulfilling its promise to move customers forward along with it on the journey into the future.

“Beyond insurance, UGI is offering free state of the art fleet management solutions for organizations that invest in high value vehicles like pickups, double cabins, and SUVs. The same is offered to transporters who are using big trucks for commercial purposes,” said Chiwoni.

Chiwoni said the fleet management system accords organizations with relatively sized fleet to be able to control abuse of their vehicles and to stop fuel theft in order to maximise profits.

“Our clients can utilize the geo-fencing and Fuel Usage Management. Geofencing is a feature that allows an organization to select a geographic zone or area in which a specific vehicle is supposed to operate. If the vehicle goes beyond this zone, an alert is triggered and a dedicated 24/7 call centre will immediately contact the person responsible in the organization to inform them of the occurrence. The vehicle can be remotely switched off (immobilized) and this applies to cases where safety issues are concerned in case the vehicle has been stolen,” he said.

He added,”On other hand, the fuel Usage Management feature gives you an accurate report of how much fuel the vehicle had before its trip and what is left after the trip. Where there are any irregularities, the system will trigger an alert which can be reported,” he said.

The Chief Executive Officer disclosed that the service comes for free with one of its newly launched UGI insurance policies called AutoServe.

“With AutoServe, clients do not have to pay any more than they do for normal comprehensive cover. To qualify for the service, their vehicles just have to be MK15 million and above if it is a fleet. Beyond full comprehensive cover, these organizations are able to gain more value from our insurance service with tools that will save them a fortune,” said the Chief Executive Officer.

Chiwoni encouraged UGI clients who have insured high value vehicles that are worth MK15 million and above for a fleet of a minimum number of 10 vehicles and MK20 million for individual vehicles to switch to the AutoServe service and benefit from the free service.

“This service is designed to protect our clients’ assets and to offer more than just insurance policies by adding value added benefits to our clients’ insurance which can be utilized on a daily basis,” he said.

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