Computerized TB diagnosis machine in Malawi

Written by  Thokozani Chiwaya

As the battle continues in the fight against tuberculosis in the country, the first of its kind computerized TB diagnosis machine has rolled out in the country.

Lab technicians access the TB diagnostic machine Lab technicians access the TB diagnostic machine

Speaking during the launch of the initiative in Blantyre at Bangwe Health Clinic, Malawi Liverpool Welcome Trust - MLW, Head of TB and Public Health Doctor Peter Macpherson, said the X-ray results will be analyzed through computer system and give the patients results same day.

“The machine has been used before in other countries and proves its effectiveness,” said Dr Macpherson.

MLW has mounted the clinic with trial lab which is expected to run for six months. The lab includes the computerized diagnosis machine and X-ray equipments.

However, Dr Peter Macpherson emphasized that they are not sure if the machine will make diagnosed patients access treatment quicker.

“Through these technologies, we want to bridge the whole series of steps being followed in diagnosis and getting treatment of the patients,” added Macpherson.

Among other things, the study will help in tracing if patients are getting treatment or not and to help compare the result that expert in radiology did already on the technological on how it can help in reducing the risks of dying from the disease.

World Health Organisation - WHO indicates that TB is one of the top ten diseases causing death across the global. In 2017, an estimated one million children became ill with TB, while 230 000 children died of the disease.

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