HRCC and its partners lobby for better welfare of Malawians travelling and staying in South Africa

Written by  McDonald Chiwayula

The Human Rights Consultative Committee in collaboration with Forum for National Development and other Non Governmental Organisations has penned the South African Government to address some of the human rights infringements that some Malawians working or engaged in economic activities in that country are subjected to.

Robert Mkwezalamba, Board Chairperson, HRCC Robert Mkwezalamba, Board Chairperson, HRCC


According to the press statement the grouping has issued, HRCC and its collaborative partners observes that the treatment that some Malawians are getting in South Africa is a step back from the pan Africanism and Black Economic Empowerment Agenda. HRCC's Board Chairperson, Robert Mkwezalamba,  is quoted saying duty bearers should act on the alleged mistreatment with urgency and HRCC shall keep updating fellow Malawians on the development.


“We had a meeting on 19th June where we reviewed progress as relates to the issues in context. We call upon the key duty bearers in this matter, Malawi Government through the Ministry of Foreign Affairs and the South African Government that as people of one continent, Africa, and in the same trade blocks SADC and COMESA, it is not on for some overzealous people to dent the good relationship that exists between the two countries by engaging in harassment of some Malawians travelling and staying in South Africa.”


Also coming in the spotlight is the issue of the founder of Enlightened Christian Gathering (ECG) Church, Shepherd Bushiri. In this regard HRCC, FND and BEEA have taken the following steps;


• Issued a petition to South African Human Rights Commission, Council of Churches and Independent Police Commission to address matters affecting the freedoms and rights of Prophet Shepherd Bushiri who is said to be investigated by the elite South Africa's fiscal police 'The Hawks'.

• Have written Ministries of Home affairs and International cooperation Foreign Affairs to enter into negotiations with South African Government to review Conditions for Malawians travelling to and staying in RSA.

• Enhance investigations on crucial issues including the requirement for Malawians to show ZAR3000 when travelling to RSA by road if they are to be allowed entry to RSA. HRCC observes that this is a fertile ground for fraud and corruption.

• The 30 days allowed stay to Malawians as temporary visitors as opposed to 90 Days which other nationals within SADC are given.

• Planning for a National Conference on Black Economic Empowerment scheduled to take place between 3rd and 4th of September 2018.


The grouping is calling on Malawians to rally behind it as it presses on for the rights and freedoms of other Malawians.



Shepherd Bushiri speaking at one of the investment forums 


In conclusion Mkwezalamba said, “We have taken special interest to input into the Diaspora policy to ensure that the rights and interests of Malawians abroad are guaranteed and incorporated in the instruments as a means of allowing them to contribute to the growth of our beloved nation.”

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