APM condemns Mike Harper’s racist remarks

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President Arthur Peter Mutharika on Thursday condemned foreigners who are ill-treating Malawians by calling them names reeking of racism.

Mike Harper: Risks deportation Mike Harper: Risks deportation

This was an apparent response to an expatriate Mike Harper, who recently described a Malawian house maid as slave, remarks that have attracted wide spread condemnation from various sectors of the society.

Speaking in Bolero, Rumphi, President Mutharika has since asked the Ministry of Labour to furnish his office with names of all foreigners perpetrating the vice.

“I want the Ministry of Labour to give me names of companies and individuals who are abusing Malawians. I will deport them within 24 hours and they will never return to Malawi,” said President Mutharika.

Meanwhile, the Malawi Human Rights Commission’s Bertha Sefuhas asked the Malawi Law Commission to include laws in the penal code that should penalize anyone uttering racist remarks.

Sefu said currently there are no such laws, making it difficult to prosecute Harper over his racist remarks.

Harper’s troubles all started when another expat, Pennie Ginn, posted on a Facebook forum for expats, complained about losing a good domestic worker in Gloria Misesa if she relocates to another duty station.

Harper has since made the apology to Misesa.

He said the Facebook post was not meant to hurt Misesa.

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