IG sets inquiry into Dowa police sexual assault: I am following- Chazama

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Inspector General of the Malawi Police Rodney Jose has set up a special commission of inquiry to probe the alleged sexual assault of a 14-year-old girl in police custody in Dowa.

Home Affairs Minister Cecelia Chazama: I am Following Home Affairs Minister Cecelia Chazama: I am Following

Police public relations officer at police headquarters James Kadadzera said the inquiry comprises of senior police officers, Malawi Human Rights Commission representative and a representative from the Law Society of Malawi.

“This shows that the IG is committed to see justice in this matter. He was saddened to learn that the girl was raped in police custody. This is why he wants the inquiry to find out whether she was raped by a police officer or another suspect,” said Kadadzera.

Meanwhile, Minister of Home Affairs Cecelia Chazama told local press on Wednesday that she was following the matter with keen interest, adding Malawi Police would not protect rogue officers.

“I am following this issue with keen interest just as I am following the issues in Kasungu (where police officers harassed a district nursing officer after beating her son to unconsciousness) and in Mzuzu (where police harassed children because their suspect father was not available),” she said.

She said the police would not shield any officer who contravenes the law, saying police officers work within the parameters of the law of the land.

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