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MBS urges business community to use certified scales

Written by  McDonald Chiwayula

The Malawi Bureau of Standards has called on the business community in the country to use certified trade instruments including scales in the course of undertaking their businesses.

MBS offcials verifying scales at Migowi Trading Centre MBS offcials verifying scales at Migowi Trading Centre

The remarks by the Bureau come after the scale verification exercise it conducted at Migowi Trading Center in Phalombe. Senior Legal Metrology Officer for Malawi Bureau of Standards, Alfred Moyo said consumers are prone to be cheated and sold goods not worth the value if traders are using uncertified scales.


“There are some people who are not comfortable when it comes to verification of scales and we know the reasons behind this because some traders believe that in trade there should be a component of cheating if they have to make good profits. Even though some of these unscrupulous traders are reluctant to bring their scales we coax them so that we verify what they are using when trading,” said Moyo.


One of the maize traders at Migowi trading center, Patrick Macheso said it is just a wrong perception by some traders to desert their trading premises when MBS officials are conducting scale verification exercise. Macheso said the exercise enhances customer relations because consumers have the confidence to buy from a trader who has an MBS sticker.


“As a business person I wish if all traders around this trading center complied with MBS standards. This has a positive bearing on our businesses, the doubts on functionality of our scales would be cleared and hence make more sales,” said Macheso.


Malawi Bureau of Standards is a statutory corporation mandated to promote standardization and quality assurance of products and services in the country through conducting of various services as outlined in its service charter one of which is inspection and verification of scales used by traders on the market.

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