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Women for critical political roles

Written by  Viciah Nason - Mec Stringer

The battle to win the 50:50 campaign in next year's tripartite polls has gained momentum as women aspirants in Dedza have urged fellow women not to look down upon themselves due to cultural factors.

Women advocating for 50:50 campaign Women advocating for 50:50 campaign

One of the aspirants Annie Kadzanja of Dedza South Constituency sounded the call on the sidelines of a training organized by Action Aid for women who have shown interest to contest in the next year's tripartite elections.

Kadzanja said time has come for Malawians to put women in decision making positions citing a number of capabilities and critical roles women hold in society.

"At household level and community level, people rely on women, we are the ones who look after everything but we are frustrated that when it’s about decision making positions we are being sidelined. Time has come for us, give us chances and support us," said Kadzanja.

She further mentioned some of the challenges females aspirants encounter when they are participating in politics.

"They call us different offensive names, sometimes it affects our families but we need men in this journey to fight for us," Kadzanja added.

Speaking during the meeting, Action Aid Programs Coordinator for Dedza Mary Nyasulu assured the aspirants of continued support and urged them to keep on fighting.

Nyasulu said the idea is to build a country with an equal representation of men and women in several top decision making positions.

“What we want is to support women. As you know, 52 percent of this country is represented by women but when it comes to decision making positions, they are left behind. We are going to take them through the process where they will be able to overcome all the challenges," said Nyasulu.

She then urged the aspirants to build high self confidence for the battle to be won hence Action Aid being fully equipped to support them through trainings.

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