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Litness Chaima


President Professor Peter Mutharika who is also Minister responsible for public service has granted leave days to civil servants from 24th December 2018 to 4th January 2019.


Blantyre is said to be one of the districts with the highest prevalence rate of HIV in the country. Reports indicate that eighteen out of every 100 people in the country’s commercial city are living with the virus as compared to the national rate of 9 out of every 100 people.


His Excellency the President Professor Arthur Peter Mutharika has spoken of the need for concerted efforts by all stakeholders towards the promotion and protection of human rights.


People in Lilongwe and Kasungu districts will now alleviate their transport challenges as the 39.6 Billion Kwacha Lilongwe – Santhe – Kasiya road nears completion.

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