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Ex-miners to get fair share of benefits

Written by  Eunice Ndhlovu

Ministry of Labour Youth and Man Power Development and the ex-miners committee have started working together to achieve a common end of making sure that every ex-mine worker from Malawi gets a fair share of benefits.


Minister responsible Henry Mussa was speaking at a press conference, he said Malawi government through his ministry will consider all the ex-miners requests that will help them get benefits from the work they did in South Africa.


Mussa clarified that there are no disagreements between his ministry and the ex-miners committee and that his ministry is not part of the disbursement of the benefits despite taking a leading role to trace ex-miners benefits.


"South African Chamber of Mines has hired Alexander Forbes to take care of the disbursement of the funds to all beneficiaries of different funds that were taking care of the remitted income from mining companies, we as a ministry will not receive any cash from miners benefits" indicated the Minister.


He further directed ministry officials to look for identity cards that were taken from the miners and give them back so that the documents help in filling the forms to hasten the process of benefits disbursement.


According to John Dick chairperson of the ex-miners committee, efforts to get ex Malawian miners benefits from South Africa started in 2001 when the government withdrew from the Temporally Employment Bureau of Africa (TEBA) because Malawian citizens were discriminated against, claiming Malawians were spreading HIV and AIDS in South Africa.


He added that because of the sudden withdrawal from work, government promised the workers compensation of 5000 Rands that was not provided for instead the miners got 1000 kwacha each.


On their terminal benefits and pension Dick says he is not satisfied with the results from The South African chamber of mines saying some names from the list are alien.

He attributes this to absence of their bluebooks which government took from miners in the process of insurance of compensation. Dick has asked government to release the results and also give them back the blue books which is like an identity to appropriately complete the forms.


According to South African chamber of mines report 52,000 people from different countries are entitled to the benefits for working in South African Mines and 36,835 Malawians filled forms that were sent to all mining companies in South Africa.

Out of that 9440 qualified while 3968 were asked to re-do the forms after it was found that information on the forms differed from what was found at the mining companies.

The rest of the results were sent to concerned individuals and the ministry of labour youth and man power development.

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